Our cattery has twelve individual pods, each of which can accommodate a maximum of two cats from the same family. We have a couple of pods with interconnecting doors, to allow for larger family groups of up to four cats to all be in together.

The pods have been designed and built to the highest standards. They are all generously furnished by us, with the sole aim of making your cat’s stay as comfortable as possible.

Each pod has a separate, quiet sleeping area, which is individually heated and temperature controlled, so your cat will always be cosy. The sleeping areas have two sleeping shelves to choose from, and a window looking out to the exercise space and then on to the garden. The sleeping areas have lots of cushions and soft furnishings, and beds with cotton and woollen blankets, so our guests can always be sure of a warm, soft place for a peaceful nap.

We adapt the furnishings to suit the specific needs of the individuals in our care, from kittens through to the more senior variety. All of our pods are fully kitted out with cat trees and toys, to ensure your cat is happy and entertained. We have a great variety of scratching posts and cat trees to suit every guest, from the most adventurous and playful kitten to the discerning and mature customer.

Each pod looks out directly to the surrounding countryside, with beautiful views and lots of wildlife to see. The exercise areas provide plenty of room for fun and activity, space to explore and relax, with a choice of sunning shelves from which to watch the world go by, as well as a comfy chair with a cosy woollen blanket.