Between us, we have cared for many cats, of all ages, and including some with disabilities. We arrange the accommodation and care routine around the individual needs of our guests. We make sure we get to know each of our guests individually, so that we can care for and respond to them as they need, and so make their stay as enjoyable as possible. 

All cats must be vaccinated and have an up to date record card showing vaccination for feline flu and enteritis. You must bring this card with you on the day of arrival.

We also require our guests to have recently received treatment for fleas and worms, both for their own comfort, and that of their fellow residents. We may refuse to accept an animal into our care if they have signs of infestation, and reserve the right to administer treatment if any such signs are discovered during their stay.

We have been trained by our associated vets to give any regular injections your cat may need, so you can rest assured that all their medical needs will be catered for. Please bring an adequate supply of any required medication with them at check-in, and advise us of this when booking.

Our associated vets, Steffan Vets, based in Lampeter, are always available to us for emergency care and advice. Should your cat fall ill, they will be immediately consulted, and all appropriate action taken. You will, of course, be informed and consulted at every step.

All of the above is in place to ensure that your cat’s stay with us is as comfortable and uneventful as possible. We’ve put a lot of thought into the design and setting of our cattery, to provide a nurturing, healthy environment. Along with this, we believe that interaction, play, and fun are of vital importance to overall health. You can be sure that your cat will be entertained, stimulated, and cosseted, during their stay with us.